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The mother’s joy at seeing her son and farmer in his farm runs, just like Baba Bharati, seeing his horse. The time gained by the hymns of the Bhagavad would have been offered to the horse. The horse was very beautiful and strong. Across the region, no other horse was a rival to him. Baba Bharati called him “Sultan”, shouting, feeding and happy to see. They had left everything, rupees, goods, tapestries, land, etc., and they even hated the life of the city. Now he lives in a small temple outside the city and worshiped God. “I can not live without the sultan,” they had become a misconception. They were in love with him. Say, “It’s like the peacock looking down.” If you do not ride eighteen miles at night and do not go back eighteen miles, you will not be happy.

Kharag Singh was the famous Dacoit of this region. People were scared of him. The Sultan’s Kirti also reaches his ears. He was disturbed to see him. He came to Baba Bharati one afternoon and sat down after greeting him. Baba Bharati asked, “Khadg Singh, how is the situation?”

Khadg Singh bowed his head and replied, “You are merciful.”

“Hey, how did you get here?”

“Draw the vow of the sultan.”

“It’s a strange animal, you’ll be glad to see it.”

“I also heard a lot of compliments.”

“Your movement will attract you!”

“It’s so beautiful to watch.”

“What can we say, someone who sees her once, her image is marked in her heart”.

“It’s been days that I want, I can attend today.”

Baba Bharati and Kharagasingh have reached the barn. Baba proudly showed the horse, Kharag Singh seemed surprised. He had seen hundreds of horses, but such a monster had never seen his eyes. He began to think that everything depends on happiness. Such a horse should have been near Kharagasingh. How does this monk benefit from such things? Stay still for a moment with surprise. After that, his heart began to beat. Speaking with the impatience of the children, “Babaji, if you do not see the movement, then what?”

His heart was impatient to hear through the mouth of the other. Open the horse and get out. The horse started flying at speed. When he saw his movement, the snake in Kharag Singh’s heart was lower. He was a thief and considered himself the right person for what he wanted. He had strength as well as men. When he left, he said, “Babaji, I will not allow this horse to be with you.”


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Baba Bharti was scared. Now, they do not sleep at night. All night was spent keeping the stable. Khargasinh has always been scary, but several months have passed and he has not come. Even Baba Bharati became a bit strange and began to understand this fear as a dream. It was night when Baba was walking behind Bharti Sultan. His eyes shone at that moment, happiness in his face. Always looking at the horse’s body, he would never have disappeared in color and in spirit. Usually, the voice came from the side: “Oh Baba, listen to this kangle.”

There was loyalty in the voice. Baba stopped the horse. You see, there is a groan in the shade of a dirty tree. “Why do you have problems?”

The unbeliever says with his hand: “Baba, I am a wretch, have mercy on me, Ramawala is three miles from here, I have to go, ride on horseback, God will bless me.”

“Who is there for you?”

“You must have heard the name of Dugaadat Vaidya, I am his half-brother.”

Baba Bharti dismounted and mounted him on horseback, grabbed the reins and began to walk slowly. Normally, he felt a pull and escaped with a hammer. His surprise was unknown when he saw that the bad boy was sitting on the horse’s back and the horse was running. Cries of fear, wonder and disappointment came from his mouth. He was a bad boy, Khadg Singh. Baba Bharti was silent for a moment and after a moment, he shouted with all his might, “Wait.”

Khadang Singh prevented the horse from hearing this voice, turned his hand around his neck and said, “Babaji, this horse will not exist now.”

“But stop one.” Kharge Singh arrested

Baba Bharati approached and looked at him with those eyes as the goat looked at the butcher and said, “This horse is yours, I will not ask you to return it to me.” Kharag Singh, let’s just pray one. Do not do it or my heart will break. ”

“Babaji, please, order me, I am your slave, I will not give a horse”.

“Now, do not take the name of the horse, I will not tell you anything about it, my prayer is to not tell this incident to anyone.”

Khargasinh’s mouth

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